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ZealDoc AI can be used in, but not limited to

Streamlined Claims Management

Handling claims involves looking through lots of claim forms, accident reports, and other papers. ZealDoc AI's machine learning technology helps by automatically finding important information, cutting down on mistakes made when typing, and making the claims process faster.

Improved Underwriting Decisions

Underwriting requires evaluating risk and deciding the right insurance coverage and costs for customers. With ZealDoc AI-powered data extraction, insurance companies can swiftly collect data from different sources, allowing underwriters to make more informed decisions using precise and current information.

Regulatory Compliance and Data Analysis

ZealDoc AI simplifies the process of meeting regulatory requirements and generating reports by automatically extracting, cleansing necessary data from complex documents. This guarantees that reports are both accurate and submitted promptly.

ZealDoc AI Testimonials

We use Advance machine learning to extract, API's to fetch data and apply specific transformations to clean the data and generate reports.

Simplifying AI-powered Document Processing

Convert Effortlessly

Instantly transform unstructured data into structured formats like JSON or CSV.

Seamless Integration

Access and integrate data easily through our robust APIs.

Advanced Analytics

Publish data directly to your data store for in-depth analysis and reporting.

Trusted Accuracy

Achieve 99% accuracy with our reliable human-in-the-loop system.

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